Our Story

Most Digital creates innovative SEO and inbound marketing strategies. Experts in our field, we optimize client web presence. Veteran digital specialist Justin McAffee and communication/PR ninja Aimee McAffee founded Most Digital in 2016. They grew their reputation through online community outreach campaigns for numerous political candidates and nonprofit organizations.

Besides that, our proven approach to SEO stems from hands-on experience climbing Google page ranks. We build organic traffic by crafting quality content and inbound links from top websites. We’ve worked with a variety of clients including law firms, nonprofits, construction companies and political candidates.

Aimee McAffee

Award-winning communicator, Aimee McAffee serves as the CEO of Most Digital as well as head content writer, editor and brand strategist.

Aimee creates SEO-friendly content that helps companies rise to the top of Google. She works with WordPress and other platforms, providing informative and keyword-rich writing.

Consequently, Aimee’s experience working with PR firms and outreach organizations in Las Vegas imbues her understanding of brand identity. Besides that, her organized and detail-oriented nature ensures that the SEO content accurately reflects our client stories.

Moreover, Aimee operates with her A-game. She earned a 4.0 in college, while serving as the student body president. She graduated with an honors degree in communication. Besides that, Aimee received the “Communication Student of the Year” and “Female Student of the Year” awards.

When she’s not constructing narratives, Aimee exercises her imagination through sci-fi/fantasy novels. In her off hours, Aimee adventures at the latest culinary hot spots. Finally, her passion for all things fine dining led to a regular column with the Las Vegas Food & Beverage Professional.



Justin McAffee

A natural visionary leader, Justin serves as the president of Most Digital. His roles include lead techie, developer, designer and photographer.

Besides that, Justin designs visually-stunning, SEO-friendly websites. These sites give Most Digital clients a clear advantage in their online marketing campaigns. Additionally, he creates cutting-edge logos and marketing material that tell a cohesive brand story.

Justin’s political news site received recognition from The Washington Post as one of the nation’s “Best State-Based Political Blogs.”  His dynamic content earned the CBS-Las Vegas “Most Valuable Blogger” award.

As a result, search engine algorithms fascinate Justin. Thus, he decided to use his skill set to help companies with organic online growth.

When not dabbling with code or creating on Adobe Illustrator, Justin enjoys traversing the outdoor spaces around Las Vegas.  He especially loves capturing these wonderful views on both digital and film cameras.