Professional headshots capture your authentic self. Ideally, you’re smiling with your eyes, the mark of a genuine smile. Real smiles communicate trust, vitally important in the business world. Professional photographers are experts at shaping your best self. Making a great first impression starts with your online image. People form instant opinions of your trustworthiness based on your photo. If your eyes are too open or your brow furrowed, you express fear, discomfort and other emotions that don’t convey the best image. You want to look approachable and open with relaxed features. These qualities project......

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Website: Does My Small Business Need a High Quality Web Presence?

Your website establishes credibility that you are an expert in your field. Additionally,  your online presence may determine whether you attract highly discerning consumers.  If your web presence is lacking (or nonexistent), you’re very likely to lose business. First impressions count.  We live in a world where people Google you immediately. They might  shop for their next product or locate their next lunch spot. Oftentimes, your website forms the decisive factor if you are what they’re searching for....

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