Rebranding Our Company to Most Digital: Case Study

Rebranding Our Company to Most Digital: Case Study

It’s now been roughly a year and a half since we launched MDigital and it’s been a wonderful journey. Aimee and I have discovered skills and abilities we never knew we were capable of. As we have grown, so has our awareness of our own brand. We realized it was time for a change, and delved into the process of rebranding.

The thought behind MDigital was simple: Our last name is McAffee, and we are a digital creative agency. The problem is that it isn’t thought provoking. It doesn’t start a conversation… perhaps it’s even boring. Branding should be memorable and get people thinking.

Worst yet, our logo was entirely unintentional. It really didn’t communicate anything, other than here’s a clean font on a dark background. Knowing all this made rebranding an easy choice.

We put our thinking caps on. What did we want to communicate? The first thing that came to mind was that we want to help people reach their goals, whether more income or a larger audience, via our methods of driving traffic to their websites.

Chance would have it that as I pondered symbols and shapes that might communicate those ideas, I glanced at our office wall and admired my own landscape photography hanging in 24×36 glory (see photo featured at top). It was a bridge in the Clark County Wetlands Park. Turns out I have at least four bridges printed out in large format from that wonderful place.

We started thinking that a bridge is an excellent symbol of helping people overcome obstacles to arrive at their desired destination. Aimee totally agreed that this should be the keystone of our rebranding.

Then the brainstorming began. Shapes were drawn, thrown out, redrawn. And what were we going to call it?

It’s a little known fact (thanks, Cliff) that ‘most’ means bridge in several Eastern European languages. We discovered this Googling famous bridges around the world and stumbling upon the famous old bridge, Stari Most.

Wow, we thought. We strive to be the most and do the most for our clients… plus most means bridge! It stuck like a shoe to gum on the sidewalk. We had a winner!


When appropriate, we tag on “Digital” after Most, so people know what we do, and it ‘bridges’ the gap between our old name and new. Sometimes rebranding can come in phases. In the long run we establish the brand simply as Most.

As for the domain, you can’t always get what you want, but you can get what you need. We didn’t need, or All we needed was Simple and descriptive.

To top it all off, it gave us something to talk about… a story to tell. Here you are reading about it. You probably won’t forget about it. That’s branding my friends. Mission accomplished.

The moral of the story: Don’t be afraid of rebranding. If your current brand isn’t communicating anything other than a name, in the long run it will be worth it. There are plenty of case studies to prove it. More to come. Over and out.

Justin serves as the the President of Most Digital. His roles include lead techie, developer, designer and photographer for our company’s clients.

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